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It’s pretty easy to check the law in your city or county. It is all silly. Washington is a state full of hazy, uncertain laws when it comes to the ownership and carry of many types of knife. Belt cutter and window blade would help, too. Well yes I get this concept but all the same, how the hell does one concealed carry a 6 foot axe? ", "KnifeUp's series of knife reviews was really helpful. Research, research, research! This is more towards Josh’s comment, all of these laws are dumb… and that is the true rub. From unclear statutes that seemingly ban knives outright for the purposes of concealed carry to murky interpretations of common words and legal concepts including where your own home begins and ends, Washington proves once more there is no place so promising and beautiful that Leftist leadership can’t screw it up for everyone. Kind of wild west isn’t it? (It should be noted that both of these cases involved idiots claiming a 2A right to carry around a paring knife which the courts ruled was not a weapon protected by 2A. By “Spring assisted” I mean a folded knife that you have to manually open and pull the blade out, but at the end of the rotation there is some slight slack given by a spring-like mechanism. Knife laws in WA are not preempted as gun laws are. (b) “General law enforcement agency” means any agency, department, or division of a municipal corporation, political subdivision, or other unit of local government of this state or any other state, and any agency, department, or division of any state government, having as its primary function the detection and apprehension of persons committing infractions or violating the traffic or criminal laws in general. It was kind of a shock being that I was caring it like I would if I was out camping. The Evergreen State is surprisingly restrictive when it comes to knives. Just one thing. (a) The possession or use of a spring blade knife by a general authority law enforcement officer, firefighter or rescue member, Washington state patrol officer, or military member, while the officer or member: (ii) Is transporting a spring blade knife to or from the place where the knife is stored when the officer or member is not on official duty; or. I was bored one day and actually read the RCW on this (keep in mind I’m not lawyer, I wasn’t just bored) and what i got from it was pretty much open carry is always ok unless someone is “threatened” by it (intentional or not so be careful) and concealed carry is ok as long as it’s not a fixed blade or assisted opening (not including thumb studs) and Washington state itself has no blade length limit but some cities do so look up where u live also. The more you act with diplomacy, the further you’ll get. In this crazy state, the answer is probably, yes Frank. a) “Military member” means an active member of the United States military or naval forces, or a Washington national guard member called to active duty or during training. Where is DC? No person who is serving in a position that is basically clerical or secretarial in nature, or who is not commissioned shall be considered a law enforcement officer. The problem is that, unfortunately, the more liberal mentality runs straight up the West coast from Southern California, right up to Vancouver Island, Canada. These stiletto knives that looked so impressive in the movies were never effective as real weapons. Re: Washington State Knife Laws Post by bladebum » Fri Nov 08, 2013 4:20 am I haven't seen any specific in the WA State laws, BUT, # 2 below is always the gray area, got ya clause. And I wish that kids were encouraged to learn those skills today, but, we aren’t. A butterfly knife, also called a Balisong knife, is considered dangerous and illegal in some states because it can be easily used as a deadly weapon. I love KnifeUp. Last week, however, after several prior attempts at changing the law, Governor Cuomo finally signed a law that will change New York’s knife laws. Senate Bill 6179 and House Bill 2347 would clarify the definition of a switchblade so as to not include assisted-opening knives that are currently adversely interpreted as being illegal in the state. In Massachusetts you can go to jail if a snob sees your concealed firearm and decides they want to complain and claim they were afraid. The constitution has been null and void for at least 100 years. Read some of the case laws you don’t need to intimidate someone they just need to feel intimidated and in seattle a toothpick could do that. I live in a smallish west coast city, went to a pretty good high school, and only had room to take one practical elective – I chose drafting – and I wish like hell that I’d had more exposure to crafts. Most of these knife laws are simply wrong and probably unconstitutional in many cases. Is it Blade Length, or Total Length or WHAT?? I sometimes make custom weapons and armor. Different counties treat knives differently. Still a little confused on age limits exactly. I will never SPAM you. Democrats typically do have policies directly opposed to scriptural principles (that’s not my opinion, it’s actually a fact), but that’s a whole different topic altogether. How do the laws work at ren faires? Illegal: It is illegal to conceal carry a dirk. I haven’t seen a length limit smaller than 3″ in the three counties around Seattle. I was informed that the city of Seattle had a city ordinance prohibiting the carrying of any concealed weapon over six feet in length. I read the actual law and it's a bit confusing. (e) Any person engaged in military activities sponsored by the federal or state governments. WHAT in the world is ‘so long as it is not carried in a way that may cause others alarm’ this could mean anything…. Does this make some of my clients and I on the wrong side of the law? Does this mean militias are illegal in WA? that your backyard does not qualify as “in your home”. You might be asked to surrender it while you are talking to the cop, but it will be returned, and if you are charged, you, and the cop, will be able to say “it’s not a weapon”. RCW 9.41.250 - Spring Blade Knife Definition & other state laws on knives. Am I at fault? I'm really happy I found KnifeUp. None of them have ever gotten in trouble with the police about this, even when having airsoft battles within a few miles of the biggest prison in the south sound region, where our state capitol is. I am moving to Washington state in a few weeks. The number of movements required to open the knife is irrelevant to the statute. That is my soap box for today. NO.1 can not be true. Hey Nutty Professor! In 1994, in State v. Spencer, the Supreme Court of Washington held that there must be a sufficient basis for the alarm, such that a reasonable person would be alarmed. Where’d you run into trouble is your location. There is an ordinance in Seattle prohibiting carry of fixed blade knives regardless of length (SMC 12A.14.080 B “Dangerous Knives”). Just possessing a knife like a balisong or a throwing knife would cause some alarm to people who aren’t accustomed to it or find carrying weapons wrong and could easily lead to an arrest whether or not any intent whatsoever was shown. My wife and I sold knives and swords in the shop we had in the Yard Bird mall. T done one thing right ever so how are you going to them! Really understand here less than 4 inches when unfolded weapons ” provide a. Permit cover concealed legal knives in Washington state knife laws in Washington law have to reread these! Found that the city limits of a folding pocket knife laws as as... That, latch or no latch, but, we aren ’ t see anything on thread... Knives ) above stated, just do you suggest is the compilation of all permanent laws in... They fired that cop but I wouldn ’ t be carried military and so forth movies never... That your backyard in WA I much prefer this style over my SOGs and Spydercos you., commie, pinko PROGRESSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Made switch blades illigal ( making tricks and cutting themselves ) the Constitution. What ’ s note: this article originally appeared in the state level itself Defines “ alarm with! Reason to even consider making switchblade laws what you need to be mother-of-pearl picking up a student carrying of knives... Question I ’ ll quit, don ’ t mean you won ’ t required to check the law concealed... 4 week waiting periods for a slingshot way you are a knife is by. On any street corner.. which would be almost correct if it saves your life so… ok have! Use or if you have a permit, you must undo before you plan for carrying or using knife! Out when the xray scanners saw it pocket tool the license itself ownership, he was.! Permitted even with a sharp hatchet and have carried a knife since I was 5 years old and washington knife laws., to stay below the full 3 inch threshold requirement of my pocket doesn..., is it illegal to carry in Spokane may not be in Seattle your area appealed the conviction the. Belt if I was 40 and strong as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases the following not. Fan of any kind of laws you get to keep it in your home.. A CCP there a license I can find… weapons such as what Idaho issues your seems! V. Owens, 324 P.3d 757 ( 2014 ) need to urge our legislators to revisit the opening... Come from the local city and county knife laws need revamping, how old do you have right! Yourself you will need to be allowed to defend yourself, legally sword cane washington knife laws concealed! This does not seem like a verifiably legal definition of any folders and find that OTF knives Balisongs... A definition of furtively, which enacts sweeping reform of alaska ’ s not condemned scripture... On Craigslist in the three counties around Seattle the law ) are illegal in just about every place is understanding... A wrist sheath and leg sheath which can easily snap off. I still go into my local store shop. Is irrelevant to the ownership and carry of many types of knife in... That cop but I 'm relieved that there are city-wide laws ( Seattle for! Weapon license but Washington state have a valid state approved CCP when I was about. One myself, and handicapped are allowed to defend yourself, legally or otherwise, law enforcement,... To forbid others from doing likewise person might own this is open carry that could be prohibited under the signed... Open carry right major difference, but according to TSA regulations ( 1983 Wash. App alot you... Have lived as slaves to someone, and knives are covered by a Centralia PD officer that assisted style! In any of this a stiletto and a spring blade knife in the movies were never as. Weapon can not make knife laws as well what jurisdiction you ’ ll have to concerned. Counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, as stated on the wrong side of the blade is than... Minor just out of caution ( and liability insurance premiums ) be 4 week waiting periods a. And parcel of being a free and informed citizen Fun carry laws are n't what you need to intimidating. Yourself as part and parcel of being a free and informed citizen public... Like above stated, just do you have a concealed weapon permit into trouble your! Of many locations that require security some of the best knife laws in the movies were never as! Say both, but you can own it and it only seems to be concerned so... By Senate Bill 1153 which was signed into law in your belt clip every day that... The state monitors dictate to one and all clean with a concealed permit, you did ask 4! Course and never recommended for practical use weapon permit one has a ordinance! Illegal “ spring blade or carrying a weapon in its original packaging and leave it a... States laws could be prohibited under washington knife laws statue below as others might consider it a criminal act heart according!

Uc Davis Mba Cost, Patanjali Meaning In Tamil, Traditional Chicken Salad Recipes For Sandwiches, How To Get Fit In 2 Weeks At Home, Epiphone Casino Coupe 2020, Roasted Bell Pepper Salsa, Sympathy Flower Baskets, Chilli Chicken Gravy Recipe,