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stevie ray vaughan guitar setup

He puts a small wad of cotton at the bottom of the tremolo-block hole to keep the bar from over-tightening and becoming hard to remove if it breaks. Stevie Ray Vaughan used giant strings, so you’ll have to do a bit of work. He emphasizes the importance of lubricating all the moving parts of the tremolo system, preferring a powdered graphite-and-grease mixture (the grease holds the graphite in place where it's needed). Its neck was a Rosewood neck with jumbo frets. This lends to a more open, trebly tone that can be heard in his playing, especially through his valve amps. Don’t have time to commit to a weekly guitar lesson? Ideally you will want to use a Fender Strat, but failing that, you can use a Stratocaster style guitar as long as it uses single coil pickups. This is the best way to get a Stevie Ray Vaughan tone. Live outside a major metro area but still want live guitar lessons? The only significant change from the stock on these Strats has been the addition of 5-way switches and a good coat of shielding paint in the control cavities. This page contains detailed information on Stevie Ray Vaughan's guitar setup. Rene Martinez describes "I set up all of Stevie's the same: 5/64" on the treble E string and 7/64" at the bass E.". Number One's frets measure .110" wide by .047" tall. During the recording of his acclaimed In Step album, Stevie Ray Vaughan had as many as 32 amps running around the studio, which he used in varying combinations. * He can play the piano A 200 watt Marshall stacks also featured in his setup as well as a 150 watt Dumble Steel String Singer amp. © And these same strings – combined with his Eb tuning and high action – gave his tone depth and sustain. Finally, he slides a 5/8"-long piece of plastic tubing (insulation from electrical wire) over each string to protect it from the metal "break points." Rene showed me why the strings break, and how he takes care of the problem: As a string breaks out of the vintage Strat tremolo block/bridge top plate, it "breaks" or contacts, the metal directly; this causes a slight kink that weakens the string. If you're trying to evaluate action, it's nice to know what size and shape of fretwire is used on any guitar. In many respects, the way that Stevie Ray Vaughan set his guitar up aligned with his playing style. Vaughan's standard vintage tremolo uses all five springs. It could be his raw natural talent that came through in his sound as well. Even with this, the high strings still cut through the plastic quickly (sometimes in one set), and when they do, the strings break. The three key aspects to focus on here are: 1) Guitar 2) Amp and 3) Effects, and then putting them all together. Setup your Guitar. Stevie tunes his guitar down a half-step and uses GHS Nickel Rockers measuring .013, .015, .019 (plain), .028, .038, and .058. A fingerboard should either be dead flat or have a slight up-bow, known as relief, in the direction of the strings' pull. He had heavy guitar strings that he could strike with power and aggression. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Guitar. Rene plans to try a Teflon wire insulation if he can find the right size. He spent the day with Rene Martinez, Stevie's guitar tech and compiled a detailed report on virtually all aspects of the setup on the guitars Stevie was touring with at the time. Stevie's guitars were all pre- 63 model Fender Stratocasters, except for "Charley" (outfitted with the Danelectro "lipstick tube" pickups, it was made from kit parts at Charley's Guitar Shop in 1984). Rene elongates the slot, again by grinding, and then smoothes any rough metal edges. The information comes directly from the article "Supernova Strats" by Dan Erlewine as published in February 1990 issue of Guitar Player magazine. The strings used on his Number One were heavy gauge strings around the 12 to 13 gauge mark which bolstered and fattened his tone. Equally as many hours on your setup and still come up short on that SRV tone. We've covered about everything except tuners, and there's nothing secret here. He used 13’s with a very high action. In November 1989 longtime Guitar Player magazine repairs and modifications columnist Dan Erlewine had the chance to go over Stevie's guitars with a fine-toothed comb. © Copyright (All text, information, images, media, and design are copyright Guitar Excellence, CC 2004-2020) | 35 Fredman Drive Sandton 2196 South Africa. I measured from the straightedge to the polepiece tops: On the treble side, the bridge pickup touched the straightedge, and the middle almost touched the straightedge, and the neck pickup was 1/16" away.

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